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Try These Cheap & Fun Date Ideas

1. Have a Picnic

This is a great idea, all you need is a blanket, food and a nice chat. Research parks around town and make up your own bucket list for the best parks and gardens. The food can be a light snack, fruit, chips or even a pizza. The most important thing for your date will be the hours that you spend talking enjoying each other's company in a place of natural beauty.

2. Get Creative

Whether we know it or not, we all have some creativity in us and letting it out is not only healthy but very fun. If you want to have a wonderful date, have fun and take away the stress of the week then prepare your colored pencils and painting brushes for an artistic appointment.

You can get an adult coloring book with mandala designs for a relaxing time, or with a couple of brushes and watercolors you can paint a masterpiece together. You could even cut out flashy images from old magazines and paste them on a sheet of paper to create a fun scrapbook sheet. Don't forget to turn on the music for a boost of inspiration.

3. Museum Time

It doesn't matter if you are a fan of art history, general knowledge always inspires a good date. Look around for museums around the city or you can also look for a tour guide that offers museum reviews so you can choose. You can even get discounts according to certain criteria such as being a student, veteran or senior. Don't forget to research free museum nights to save even more money.

4. Movie Night at Home

Who doesn't enjoy spending time watching a good movie? If you want a fun night with a greater touch of intimacy, then you can organize a night of movies at home. You can even make this event something recurrent or weekly. Try selecting a theme for each date : black and white film festival, favorite movie night, horror, international movies, sagas, etc. Remember to bring tasty snacks such as popcorn and candy to make the movies more enjoyable.

5. Kitchen Fun

A date in the kitchen is one of the most creative ways to bond with your other half. There are many ways to make this event fun and original. You can cook together: your favorite recipe, a cultural recipe, or you can be even more creative by searching for trendy recipes in sites like Pinterest. After your meal is ready you can prepare for the second part of the date and enjoy a nice meal with your other half.

6. Spa Night

If both of you have had a stressful week and would like some relaxation, you can do a homemade Spa Night. Not only will you end up feeling rejuvenated but you will also create a bond of greater intimacy with your partner. It's not hard to make this an incredible date because you will only need disposition and your hands. You can use oil for massage, music, aromatic essences and candles to create a romantic atmosphere.

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